Own your
business goals

Your goals, your business, your vision. 
Make it happen with our help.

Own your business goals

Your career, your business, your vision.

Make it happen with our help.

You can crush it. We can help.


We are specialized business consultants who are focused on helping entrepreneurs and small business owners like you achieve your goals, while managing your bottom line. See how our expert solutions can help you today.

Smashe the glass ceiling.

Women still face many hurdles in the business world. In fact, a crucial skillset in business, negotiation, is historically a weak point for many women.  There are numerous studies which point to a persisting gender gap in negotiation, which may explain why even in 2020, women in the U.S. still earn only about 77.4% of men’s median annual earnings.

We have made it our mission to support our fellow women in business.

We take pride in helping businesses we believe in.

And we are honored to support other women who are smashing it everyday.

Make it happen.

“We should help women negotiate.”

That’s where it started, but why stop there?  As two successful women in business, with very different but complementary skill sets, we decided to band together and create a company that is dedicated to helping women businessowners break through the hurdles and achieve their goals.

With over 30 years of combined experience in both large corporations and small start-ups, we’ve got the history, passion, and knowledge around what it takes to truly own your business goals.

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